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Wanted: Local Lange Boot Girls!

The Ski Guru loves Freeskier Magazine for things like this. In recent years their Local Lange Boot Girl contest has become a rite of passage as snow flies and the lifts start spinning across ski country. Each year since inception the contest has grown in popularity and competitiveness.

For decades Lange has been using woman to market their boots. Historically this was accomplished via posters hung in ski shops and base lodges. No complaints from either sex that skis on this strategy. Seems the woman like it as much as the boys. Obviously this type of stuff is not for everyone, but I am willing to wager that most who ski view the Lange Boot Girls as a positive thing.

That is enough about the past. Why should it matter how much it snowed eight years ago unless you are sitting at a bar drinking beers, telling stories, and it is raining outside. Skiing focuses on the present and the future. How much snow are we going to get? Which area do you want to ski at this weekend? Where are they dropping the ropes? You get the idea. Presently the current Local Lange Boot Girl champion is getting ready to pass the title to the lucky winner of the 09/10 contest. But she is still holding the boots. The Ski Guru was able to catch up with her and the result is the following question and answer session that sheds a few flakes on what makes her turn.

Enter the Local Lange Boot Girl champion = Amanda Jean French.

SG: How did you find out about the Local Lange Girl Boot contest?
AJF: I have known about Lange Girls since I was a little girl and found out about the Local Lange Girl contest while on Freeskier’s website a few years back.

SG: Where do you do your skiing, favorite resorts?
AJF: Currently I live in CA, so I ski at Squaw, Mammoth, Northstar and Alpine Meadows. My favorite resorts are Mammoth, Beaver Creek and Vail. All have great apr├Ęs ski atmosphere and villages with some great restaurants and fun bar scenes.

SG: Where is the most interesting place (non resort) you have been while working as the 2008 Lange Boot Girl?
AJF: I went to Birds of Prey World Cup a few weeks ago and that was pretty fun to attend. It’s the only World Cup in the U.S. so to be there was a great experience.

SG: What is the most memorable experience you have had since winning?
AJF: Honestly, I cannot pick just one. My Dad owns FAST STRAP which is a ski and surf accessories company, so I have always been involved in the ski business and have wanted to further my own personal career. Being a Lange Girl has been a great platform for that which makes it memorable. Many great things have happened since winning. I am a very determined person so I have always imagined that good things would happen in time. When I want something I work hard until I get it, so becoming a Lange Girl has only made it a little easier to get my name out there and work on a full time career in the ski business.

SG: Model/type of the Lange boot you ski in, size?
AJF: Exclusive 100’s. 23.5. My feet are tiny, so it’s rare for me to fit in a women’s boot. Believe it or not, I prefer a junior race boot.

SG: Do you find yourself in Lange boots more often now?
AJF: Why yes! I wear ONLY my Lange boots while I cook dinner and when I go out I at least have the decency to put a bikini on with them.

SG: Worst pick up line you have heard from a ski bum/bro?
AJF: Quote from my Facebook wall: “Any time you're interested in making some turns on Bode's home mountain riding the lift listening to My Morning Jacket, talking about current events on NPR as it snows in NH. I'm game. Your profile and pictures are beautiful.” This guy obviously checked out my profile and checked out what I like… A+ for effort right? Also, I have gotten a few marriage proposals- Thanks, but I am not interested in getting married anytime soon. AND for the record, ski guys are my top choice. If you don’t ski or enjoy winter, you’re not for me.

SG: What is the skiing trend you see developing that bothers you the most?
AJF: OMG! Thank you for asking this! I can’t stand chicks that dress like guys out on the hill with their pants falling off their butt and wearing jackets 5 sizes too big. No offense- it’s just not my style. It’s not a fashion contest, but I’m a girly girl and like to look good.

SG: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in Lange boots?
AJF: Easy- I was skiing in Mammoth and was- shall we say breaking in my new boots. I was in a little pain and straddled a small tree. Luckily not many people saw ;-)

SG: Hat or Helmet?
AJF: Definitely helmet! It’s safer and warmer! Now if I can only get my Dad to wear one…

As you read this the 2009 edition of the Local Lange Girl competition is up and running at Freeskier. It is an open contest, any woman with the wherewithal may enter. Winning however is much more difficult than entering. There are well defined attributes necessary to come out on top. Here is a snippet of what is sought after.

Lange is looking for girls who are outgoing enough to represent the brand, ripping enough to get around any ski area, and sexy enough to keep the Lange Girl tradition strong. They’re not looking for models, they’re looking for ripping ski town hotties who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Important Note - Entries will be accepted through January 15. You must be 18 or over and a resident of the United States to win. This is the URL to enter Local Lange Boot Girl 2009.

What next? The goal here is that The Ski Guru wants to see a Boston lady take home the title this winter. Bare minimum someone with a New England background. Ladies get your best photos together and sign up, just remember that you should have a few pictures in which you are wearing ski boots, and please understand that they should be Lange Boots. IMHO it is pretty bush-league to be wearing another brand in your photos. Fellows if you cannot convince your snow bunny to enter maybe it is time for you to check out some new terrain.

Something to consider - walking up to strange woman and using this competition as your pick up line will only work at specific venues and on the right type of female. There is a time and a place for everything, so be careful unless you enjoy getting drinks tossed in your face. Please report back any stories of success, or alternatively failure, in the comment section of this entry.

Now you have the ammunition you need (you're welcome). Get involved and you may have a woman like Amanda Jean cooking you breakfast at some ski destination in only a pair of Lange boots!

Take Action Now - Visit the Local Lange Boot Girl contest site and start voting vote for your favorites! There are already a lot of quality entrants for you to peruse.

Think Snow!

Photos and interview courtesy of Amanda Jean French

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