Monday, December 28, 2009

Late night Snow Reporting 12/28/09

Always been a fan of making the phone calls for local intel when it comes to snow.

First call 10:46 pm ET
The Belfry 05471
reporter = no answer

Second call 10:48 pm ET
Jay Peak 800 #:  hotel operator, name unkown
6" base, snow fell heavy between 3 - 8 pm ET.  People staying put tonight, travel is dangerous.

Third call 10:57 pm ET
The Lookout 05751:  report from Heather
5" wind blown, catch stops - foot, plus.  tappered off...

Forth call 11:02 pm ET
Ladies Invited 05672:  report from Becky
8" to a foot and a half

This snow and a good forecast will equal some really nice lines for people in New England over the next seven days.  Be careful, it will be scratchy underneath.

Think Snow!
The Ski Guru

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