Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birds of Prey Downhill!

Fact: The best downhill course on the World Cup circuit.

The Ski Guru has been saying for years that skiing is a very ambiguous and interpretative thing. Some people think they are good, and talk about it. Others know they are good, and shy away from talking about it. Let us acknowledge the majority - weekend/vacation warriors.

The camera always draws to those with charisma, marketability, and exceptional skill sets. More appropriately those with the ability and will power to do what everyone else is not. I have made turns with many of these types. Honestly, all of the aforementioned will tell you that the downhill is the holy grail of skiing (if they have a clue).

Of all the races on the men's World Cup tour, there is but one in the United States. And it is truly special. The Birds of Prey returns to Beaver Creek, December 4-6.

The course was designed by Olympic downhill gold medalist Bernhard Russy of Switzerland. It features all that which makes downhill ski racing the most exciting sport on planet earth. Turns at race car speeds on pitches steeper than the side of a high rise, the Birds of Prey launches skiers the length of football fields.

With respect and love to all alpine and freestyle comps (amen to slopestyle!), special recognition must be made for downhill. The discipline rewards the most primal attributes. Its competitors are the fastest, strongest, and bravest. This is survival of the fittest, Darwinism on snow. The consequences of error can be both career and life threatening.

For more of the above (source of vid and quote) check out this LINK from the Ski Channel.

For additional information try these:
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Tune in and enjoy the racing. Pulling for the USA field, especially those from New England!

Think Snow ~ Go Fast!

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