Friday, December 11, 2009

Powder Alert - Sugarbush decked with SNOW!

Less than 20 hours ago The Ski Guru was telling you about how Sugarbush was able to open an additional 6 runs because of the new snow they had received. I further insinuated that everyone at the resort was smiling while thinking about the season ahead. As I type this I doubt that even the most optimistic among them could have possibly imagined what is going to happen.

Castlerock, the mountains most famous expert terrain, is opening tomorrow (12/12) at 10 am. The lift line for the double will be long. There may still be a rock or two exposed, but the skiing will be off the hook. Check this LINK for all the details you need to know.

The area has benefited from what one of my friends up there like to refer to as “Sniper Snow”. More specifically that is defined as localized bursts of accumulation that the Northern Greens are often subject to as cold air plows over Lake Champlain, picks up moister from the unfrozen water, and dumps snow on the mountains as it tills over the peaks heading east.

This is real and it does happen. If you are looking to make some turns this weekend the Mad River Valley is a great destination to put in your sight (pun intended). The neighbor area, Mad River Glen, is also opening with a plethora of powder. Go up and get some!

Here is a LINK to some of today’s photos of the fresh POW POW POW!

Keep thinking Snow!

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