Monday, November 30, 2009

Pattitude takes center stage (again) tonight!

Warning: This entry from The Ski Guru has nothing to do with skiing/riding.

Back during the legendary run the New England Patriots went on - en route to the franchise's 1st Superbowl victory during the 2001 NFL season - I came up with this definition. Over time it has become common jargon within the Ski Guru's circle of friends and acquaintances.

Recently updated for republication (eg - tonight's game vs the Saints)

One Entry Found for Pattitude

Main Entry: Pat·ti·tude
Pronunciation: 'pa-t&-"tüd, -"tyüd
Function: noun
Etymology: American, from Bostonian pattitudine, literally, NFL World Champions, from Late Pat Patriot -- more at

1 : the arrangement of 11 men, the parts of a team or Champion: DYNASTY
2 : a position or posture assumed for a specific purpose (a threatening pattitude)
3 : a football position similar to the 3 point stance in which the raised leg is bent at the knee with beer in hand
4 a : a mental position with regard to a fact or state b : a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state, i.e. NFL World Champions
5 : the position of an airborne football determined by the relationship between its receiver and defender (as the horizon or a particular spectator)
6 : a constant state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus (as a turnover, field goal, penalty, bomb, long run from scrimmage, or touchdown)
7 a : a negative or hostile state of mind toward the New Orleans Saints and their fans b : a cocky or arrogant manner one develops once a NFL Dynasty is established
8 : a lifestyle of New England Patriot fans

Enjoy the game.

Go Patriots!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate Change Conspiracy?

The Ski Guru ran across a very interesting take on Climate Change, or as it is put in the write up “'Anthropogenic Global Warming”. It is a good read, no matter what side of the climate change debate/discussion you fall on. Probably worth following how this one plays out...


Call me old school, but I remember when this dialog was about greenhouse gasses and the ozone holes over Antarctica - mind you things that could be measured by instruments and seen from the space shuttle. (Read – stop using Aquanet on those bangs 80's ladies). At least those statistics seemed quantifiable.

Seriously though, as a society in general we are all so quick to bash the world’s financial institutions, governments, even health care. Basically anything anyone feels could be hoodwinking the masses - for the same type of things (in link).

Why not scientists? They have agendas, and rumor on the chairlifts is that Al Gore is their leader.

The SG's recommendation = Plant a tree already. They only get in your way when you look at them while skiing/riding!

Think Snow

Monday, November 23, 2009

Front Running in the Powder department = The Pacific Northwest

If you have not been paying attention The Ski Guru thinks now is a good time to start. The mountains in the PNW have picked up unprecedented snows so far this November. A few weeks ago I saw this article on the Powder Magazine website that raved about an 80 inch dump at Mount Baker in Washington (cool photos).

I reached out to a friend out at Mount Bachelor in OR to get the scoop. The resort opened to the public with lift serviced skiing and riding this weekend. The base this morning was up to a solid 39” after receiving 20” of fresh snow since Friday. The forecasts are calling for a mix of sunshine and snow showers through Thanksgiving weekend. Not a bad pick for some turns in if you can manage it into your schedule.

Here is a video clip the resort put together for opening day…enjoy.

Think Snow!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stick & Mud Season has a grip on New England

It does not make The Ski Guru happy but cannot be denied that Mother Nature is on a best efforts campaign to drive the Marketing and Mountain Operation crews across the region batty. There was a promising window in October that allowed areas to blow the mice out of the snowmaking pipes and lay down some manmade white stuff. It even got augmented with a few natural flakes. Areas were twisting the lifts early and folks were optimistic. Nonetheless, we have had temperatures the past few weeks that were more akin to early October than late November.

Long story short - the weather has basically made it impossible (and uneconomical) for most of the New England resorts to offer up terrain for the Thanksgiving dinner table. At the time of this entry there are only three options, all with very limited terrain. But keep tabs on Snow Country, as things will change.

Open Areas in New England

· Killington, VT (new website & branding)
· Bretton Woods, NH
· Sunday River, ME

The good news is that long range forecasts are predicting cold nights for the last week of November and into December. There is even chatter about a snow event on Thursday night. Check this Accuweather link for the story.

Stay tuned, we will have our turns.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The sun gets up early.

The Ski Guru knows you need to as well if you want to make tracks in powder. More coming soon, will be at full speed in mid December...

Get the gear tuned.

photo ~ sunrise from Moonlight Basin, MT

PS ~ this lead entry could be my submission for the worst writting of the season contest.