Thursday, February 25, 2010

New England: The Non-Event

Just a few nights ago I was filled with anticipation drafting a blurb for the blog. Now I can only pull a few excerpts out of it like the following. Just goes to show what anyone - including The Ski Guru - knows about the weather.
• cannot remember seeing a nor’easter referred to as a “Snowicane” before
• last Thursday I put up an entry that called for a return to powder skiing
• exactly what the regions ski areas need
• just like the 06/07 season, late season storms saved what would have been a lame duck winter
• could be the biggest sustained dump of snow NE has seen in years
• skiing and riding will be exceptional this weekend
• if the forecasts are correct it should slowdown just in time for all the weekend warriors to climb into their SUVs and have a reasonable drive north the their favorite ski resorts
What a crock…
Granted, we got tremendous accumulations out of the first storm earlier in the week. It dropped close to two feet of fresh powder on top of most New England ski areas everywhere from the Berkshires up to ME. The problem is that snow is going to act like a sponge. Because everyone is now getting rain that snow is turning into wet cement. Once this storm blows through sometime tomorrow afternoon the condition of the slopes will be left in disarray.
  • Best case – it changes over to snow again and stays warm
  • Worst case – cold air after the precipitation turns New England skiing into hockey
Either Way unless something miraculous happens this could be the worst ski season the region has seen in years.  If you were lucky enough to ski over the last couple days send in some pictures!

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