Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moonlight Basin, MT

Mancation Update:  A couple photos from my trip out to Montana in January 2006. These are all from Moonlight Basin. The area shares the same mountain peak as Big Sky.  It is called Lone Peak and towers above everything else within hundreds of miles.  

This is a good year to get to Moonlight... the ski resort may have trouble spinning the lifts in years to come since their $250 million in debt was underwrote by Lehman Brothers... Who Knew?  Either way, when you combine Moonlight and Big Sky you have the best skiing in the lower 48.

The Ski Guru's prediction:  Boyne Resorts which owns Big Sky will scoop up Moonlight Basin on the cheap in the event it goes to auction.

on the Headwaters double chair

looking at the Headwaters form the Lone Tree lift

the Moonlight Lodge bar


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Anonymous said...

Not bad. Big Sky purchased Moonlight this year.