Friday, February 19, 2010

Life Imitating Art

You may have heard about the movie Frozen. It is a story about some punks that sneak on a chairlift and end up getting stuck after the mountain closes. Terrible things happen to them. It is rated R. Trailer below...

Got little thought when The Ski Guru first heard. The plot reminded me of an old ASC sign that read “The Mountain is as cold and lonely tonight as it was 200 years ago”. I used to see that at Mount Snow. It was on a tree at the summit off the top of the Sunbrook Quad and probably still is. That was all. Frozen would wait until I stumbled upon it randomly while looking at the television.

Then this story today: Ski Tourist Escapes Death by Burning Cash

Ski Guru Rule Book 4.1.1: Only get on a lift if the attendant sees you

That dude got LUCKY. He was stuck on a chair well above the snow surface, at night, in the cold, for about 6 hours. He should not have snuck on the lift. That is a serious indiscretion. Read the article with the link above.

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