Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stick & Mud Season has a grip on New England

It does not make The Ski Guru happy but cannot be denied that Mother Nature is on a best efforts campaign to drive the Marketing and Mountain Operation crews across the region batty. There was a promising window in October that allowed areas to blow the mice out of the snowmaking pipes and lay down some manmade white stuff. It even got augmented with a few natural flakes. Areas were twisting the lifts early and folks were optimistic. Nonetheless, we have had temperatures the past few weeks that were more akin to early October than late November.

Long story short - the weather has basically made it impossible (and uneconomical) for most of the New England resorts to offer up terrain for the Thanksgiving dinner table. At the time of this entry there are only three options, all with very limited terrain. But keep tabs on Snow Country, as things will change.

Open Areas in New England

· Killington, VT (new website & branding)
· Bretton Woods, NH
· Sunday River, ME

The good news is that long range forecasts are predicting cold nights for the last week of November and into December. There is even chatter about a snow event on Thursday night. Check this Accuweather link for the story.

Stay tuned, we will have our turns.

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