Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate Change Conspiracy?

The Ski Guru ran across a very interesting take on Climate Change, or as it is put in the write up “'Anthropogenic Global Warming”. It is a good read, no matter what side of the climate change debate/discussion you fall on. Probably worth following how this one plays out...


Call me old school, but I remember when this dialog was about greenhouse gasses and the ozone holes over Antarctica - mind you things that could be measured by instruments and seen from the space shuttle. (Read – stop using Aquanet on those bangs 80's ladies). At least those statistics seemed quantifiable.

Seriously though, as a society in general we are all so quick to bash the world’s financial institutions, governments, even health care. Basically anything anyone feels could be hoodwinking the masses - for the same type of things (in link).

Why not scientists? They have agendas, and rumor on the chairlifts is that Al Gore is their leader.

The SG's recommendation = Plant a tree already. They only get in your way when you look at them while skiing/riding!

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