Monday, November 30, 2009

Pattitude takes center stage (again) tonight!

Warning: This entry from The Ski Guru has nothing to do with skiing/riding.

Back during the legendary run the New England Patriots went on - en route to the franchise's 1st Superbowl victory during the 2001 NFL season - I came up with this definition. Over time it has become common jargon within the Ski Guru's circle of friends and acquaintances.

Recently updated for republication (eg - tonight's game vs the Saints)

One Entry Found for Pattitude

Main Entry: Pat·ti·tude
Pronunciation: 'pa-t&-"tüd, -"tyüd
Function: noun
Etymology: American, from Bostonian pattitudine, literally, NFL World Champions, from Late Pat Patriot -- more at

1 : the arrangement of 11 men, the parts of a team or Champion: DYNASTY
2 : a position or posture assumed for a specific purpose (a threatening pattitude)
3 : a football position similar to the 3 point stance in which the raised leg is bent at the knee with beer in hand
4 a : a mental position with regard to a fact or state b : a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state, i.e. NFL World Champions
5 : the position of an airborne football determined by the relationship between its receiver and defender (as the horizon or a particular spectator)
6 : a constant state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus (as a turnover, field goal, penalty, bomb, long run from scrimmage, or touchdown)
7 a : a negative or hostile state of mind toward the New Orleans Saints and their fans b : a cocky or arrogant manner one develops once a NFL Dynasty is established
8 : a lifestyle of New England Patriot fans

Enjoy the game.

Go Patriots!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of 2003 (winter of 2004) in Squaw when the Pattitude was running so high after we beat the Colts in the Divisional Round that you had to pilot the ship back to Truckee...Never forget Rules 1-3:

1) No Driving
2) Don't run out of beer
3) Do not doubt Bill Belichick

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